Alex Beskrowni

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Broker # 48167

Office: 857-891-7859

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1429 Centre St
West Roxbury, Massachusetts 02132

Alex Beskrowni has been a licensed real estate agent since 1983 house-value-request-300x191and has worked in the industry for over 35 years.  Alex has participated in many aspects of the business.  He had worked for over 20 years in the appraisal field as a staff and field appraiser.  He was also concurrently working in management, sales and marketing of property as well.  Alex’s appraisal experience is a great tool in analyzing property valuations and benefits his brokerage services.  Most recently he has focused strictly on brokerage, both commercial and residential.   He has worked diligently over the years as a major influence in retail and office space within Roslindale Village during a period of rapid and exciting changes.  He has also helped many buyers and sellers make their residential goals a reality.  Real Estate truly is a local and regional industry, where knowledge is key to achieving success.  Alex was raised in Roslindale and has been a resident in the area for many years.  He understands the nuances of the many “micro neighborhoods” in the region from both a residential and commercial perspective.

Neighborhood Commercial


If you are looking for an approach that goes beyond national firms with your commercial property, let Alex help.  Looking at it from what Alex describes as Neighborhood Commercial is important in placing the right tenant or making the best long term purchase decision.  His approach is all about finding the right match: what a neighborhood has, what the area will likely support, and if a passing trend will evolve and survive.  When you take a Neighborhood Commercial approach you connect parties in a way that fosters success and reduced turn over.